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Meet Aiesha Jadé: The Artistic Visionary Behind the Screen

Updated: Mar 27

Who is A.I.?

IA Screening Brief: "What You Need to Know": The Impact of The A.I. (Aiesha Jadé)

Hey there future IA clients, graphic design entrepreneurs, and all you curious minds out there! Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of creativity with none other than the artful powerhouse herself – Aiesha Jadé!

Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Aiesha Jadé, aka The A.I., your go-to gal for all things artistic and innovative. Picture this: a fashion-forward, screenwriting aficionado, currently mastering the art of advertising at The Academy of Art University located in the heart of San Francisco. Yep, that's me – the art and the artist, all wrapped up in one stylish package!

Now, let's rewind a bit and uncover the colorful journey that led me to where I am today. With a passion for fashion that runs deep in my veins, I embarked on a transformative adventure at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where I earned my stripes (and a fancy certificate!) in Fashion Styling back in December of 2022. But why stop there when there's a whole world of creativity waiting to be explored?

Enter The New York Film Academy, where I indulged my love for storytelling and scriptwriting. Spending 15 weeks immersed in the world of screenwriting, I honed my skills and birthed my very own television series titled "Everything From The Heart". Because let's face it – when it comes to creativity, there are no limits!

Now, you might be wondering, "What's with the IA clients and graphic design entrepreneurs?" Well, buckle up, folks, because here's where the magic happens! As your trusty CEO and founder, I'm on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with art and design. Whether it's crafting captivating advertisements or breathing life into graphic masterpieces, I'm here to sprinkle a little bit of A.I. (Aiesha) magic into everything I touch, from the heart!

But hey, enough about me – let's talk about us. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur looking to make your mark in the world of graphic design or just someone with an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, you're in the right place. Together, we'll laugh, learn, and maybe even change the world – one artistic endeavor at a time. At Illustrative Assets, we believe, the artist is the asset!

So here's to embracing the journey, chasing dreams, and never shying away from a splash of color. With Aiesha Jadé to help lead the vision, the possibilities are endless!

Stay creative,

Aiesha Jadé

Aiesha Jadé, Owner
CEO/Founder Aiesha

(visionary) Aiesha Jadé


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I.A. by A.I. understands that the art of a brand is unique and personalized to a vision.  


Aiesha Jadé


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